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"Therapy sounds like a good idea right about now"

-@i-have-run-out-of-ideas, re: christina took things


"Ugh I honestly really hate this story there's just something about it"

-@ele-phancy, re: christina took things


"H. K. Reyes is one of the most imaginitive and provocative writers I've ever worked with. His natural ability to craft both visceral and original images is uncanny."

-a. hughsoneditor at pine kindling 


"What a tremendously fantastic story. This actually induced nausea in me. I had to close the tab and regain my composure. Bravo." 

-cocoaboots, re: they wonder why


"This was incredibly beautiful. Writing like yours is my absolute favorite, and so hard to find these days. This story was perfect, really, a treasure." 

-notsincethe-accident, re: real hunger


"This series is the reason I get up from bed every day." 

-darkaxis, re: operation stingray

"...You may just be the most disturbed and wonderful person I've ever come across. Absolutely amazing. Can't figure our how in the world somebody would think like this, but it works... I'm actually speechless. "

-CobaltThoriumG, re: corey


"Holy fuck dude... Like that is seriously freaking dark..."

-tlk666, re: corey


"Beautiful. I have goosebumps and I won't be sleeping tonight at ALL."

-kathleenkathyRe: Voice on the Radio 


"I kind of feel like crying. Thanks for sharing this, absoltely beautiful and touching." 

-veebee0, re: the voice on the radio


"This is easily the most compelling story I've read on NoSleep" 

-dannyb21892, re: operation singray




H. K. Reyes


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